Dear Reader,

Your genes are NOT your destiny. In fact, they only account for 20% of your lifespan. Which means living a long, healthy, happy life is 80% in your control. And in The Longevity Equation, I’m going to hand you an easy-to-follow blueprint that will guide you through that other 80%.

I’ll show you how to use the most cutting-edge breakthroughs in neuroscience…


And my own experience as a board-certified clinical physician to add years — potentially even decades — to your lifespan.


When your body sleeps, your brain gets down to business. It cleans up the cellular garbage in your body. It flushes out damaging toxins in your neurons that can lead to Alzheimer’s. And it creates new neural networks that help you learn skills, establish memories, and integrate new information.

But here’s what happens when you don’t sleep:

  • A 33% HIGHER dementia risk.
  • You’re THREE TIMES more likely to develop type II diabetes.
  • Your risk of a heart attack is DOUBLED.
  • SKYROCKETING blood pressure.
  • You have a 50% higher risk of becoming obese.
Simply put, you need sleep. 

That’s why The Longevity Equation has a full chapter dedicated to bulletproofing your sleep and helping you achieve the rest you deserve.

Take my short quiz to discover which of the three “body clock” types you are… and the optimal sleeping patterns for each of them — pg. 49

that could be disrupting your natural sleep patterns, damaging your mitochondrial DNA, and unleashing dangerous free radicals inside your body — pg. 55

Most people get this wrong by 15 degrees — pg. 57

with a common citrus fruit — pg. 60

(but only if you have this one gene) — pg. 63

that cost less than $30 each and virtually guarantee ZERO sleep interruptions — pg. 64

could actually help you sleep better — pg. 66

that can help even the most hard-charging, stressed-out people slow down, relax, and drift into deep restorative sleep — pg. 73

After you’ve mastered the art of sleeping, it will be time to move onto the next Longevity Block.

That has never been truer than it is today. Modern science has proved that food is far more powerful than we could have ever imagined. By giving our body the right nutrition… We can actually direct our cellular growth and flip our genes “ON” or “OFF.” Which means if you want to enjoy younger, smoother skin… Fight off allergies and disease… Build stronger bones and less painful joints… Boost your mood… And watch your entire body be rejuvenated… Then, you’re going to love this part of the book.

But I have to warn you: 

There’s so much life-saving information packed into here that it may take you a little while to get through it all.

The most effective intermittent fasting protocol

for burning fat, cleaning inflammation out of your body, repairing your DNA, and increasing your lifespan — pg. 77

The shocking TRUTH about water and why it might be the root cause of your headaches, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and digestive issues.

(PLUS, what you should drink instead!) — pg. 79

How to use nature’s “first food” to stimulate your white blood cells and bulletproof your immune system

— pg. 81

And let me ask you this:
Have you heard of the microbiome?

The microbiome is one of the most exciting areas in medical research today.

  • Because it’s been shown to effect everything from your mood…
  • To your cognitive health…
  • To your risk of cancer…

And everything in between.

But don’t worry — we’ll show you exactly how to optimize your gut and microbiome health.

Here’s just a small sample off what you’ll learn:

The NINE main causes of poor gut health.

Take my short quiz to see which one could be wrecking your microbiome — then I’ll show you how to fix it —pg. 79

My four-phase system that will help you “remodel” your gut, restore a healthy microbiome, cut food cravings, and reignite your metabolism

— pg. 90

The wild and wonderful world of the “myco-biome.”

No, I didn’t misspell microbiome. Groundbreaking research has unearthed an entire world of fungi that that live inside you and are critical to your wellbeing. Learn all about this “myco-biome” and how you can use it to improve immunity, lower inflammation, and support brain health — pg. 92

The weird reason why probiotics can unleash a MAJOR candida overgrowth inside your body…

and the ONE thing you need to do to stop it. (Don’t take another probiotic until you read this!) — pg. 86

I wrote The Longevity Equation to be the most comprehensive health resource you’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever had a question about diet or food, I promise you that it will be answered here. After you finish this section, your body will be cleansed of environmental toxins. You’ll be falling asleep in less than 10 minutes every night, staying asleep a full seven to eight hours, and waking up refreshed. Your body will be flooded with the powerful nutritional ingredients it needs to refresh itself.

And it will be time to move onto the next Longevity Block and make sure you look good naked. 


In this section, I’m going to show you how to enjoy all the MASSIVE benefits of exercise…

Like enhanced thinking skills… 

Limitless energy… 

A reduction in stress… 

Improved heart health… 

Lowered inflammation… 

A better mood…

And a lower risk of neurodegenerative disease. WITHOUT suffering through long workouts… WITHOUT having to pay for expensive gym memberships… And WITHOUT destroying your body and feeling beat up and drained. Because here’s the thing:

We all know we need exercise…But most people go about it all wrong.

so you never miss a workout again — pg. 116

that’s been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve resting heart rate, replenish your nervous system, and rebalance your mind — pg. 118

Groundbreaking research proves that you can lose weight simply by breathing. But beware: You have to follow TWO very specific steps for it to work — pg. 120

 pg. 123

(Do this every morning.) — pg. 125

Plus, the RIGHT way to align your body to look better, feel more confident, and reduce pain — pg. 126

(You’ll burn more fat and be stronger.) — pg. 128

— pg. 130

in just 30 minutes — pg. 131

— pg. 133

(all without lifting a single weight) — pg. 135


Your mind is your greatest asset.

So let’s make sure it’s operating at its peak potential.

In this section, you’ll learn how to maximize your cognition and achieve razor-sharp mental clarity.

  • It doesn’t matter if your mind is already sharp as a tack…
  • Or if you’re struggling with memory issues and brain fog…

What I’m going to show you will help take your mind to heights you never thought were possible.

— pg. 144

— pg. 154

that reprograms your subconscious, unlocks higher levels of spiritual awareness, and helps you achieve emotional catharsis — pg. 157

Follow these simple steps to keep it strong.

you can do every day to skyrocket your brainpower and keep your memory razor-sharp — pg. 160

that 90% of people don’t get enough of — pg. 163

I’ll show you the right way to use music in order to elevate your cognition, achieve incredible focus, and unleash your inner creativity — pg. 166

(Plus, how to avoid them.) — pg. 168

— pg. 169

Color Light Therapy

Have you ever walked outside on a sunny bright day, and instantly felt your spirits lift?

On the other hand, have you walked outside on a cloudy, dreary day and then felt exactly the opposite?

As people, we’re designed to respond to light.

It regulates our sleep-wake cycles, our agricultural calendars, and our work lives.

And scientists are just now beginning to pinpoint how light therapy can be used therapeutically to boost cognition, mood, and full-body healing.

  • On pg. 175, I’ll show you the six therapeutic colors of light…
  • Which body part each is tied too…
  • And how to use light to increase alertness…
  • Calm down at night…
  • Boost your mood…

And even improve your visual perception. This is a fascinating section, and it’s one of the simplest ways for you to improve your overall cognitive health. After that, we’ll move onto to even more little-known, but cutting-edge, ways to boost your brainpower.